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AI-támogatott programozás, AI assisted coding

AI Assisted Coding

Artificial intelligence is transforming our lives and the way we do business. Since the launch of ChatGPT 3.0, we have seen the real "AI explosion": language models, image and video generators, music... and also AI assisted coding.
DSS Consulting's 25th anniversary party

DSS Consulting’s 25th Anniversary Party

Instead of heat and rain, we were greeted by pleasant sunshine at DSS Consulting's 25th anniversary party, held on September 15 at the Kolonics György Leisure Center in Csepel, Budapest.
információbiztonság, information security audit

ISO 27001 Information Security Audit at DSS Consulting

As one of Hungary's leading IT companies, DSS Consulting is committed to maintaining a high level of information security at all times, protecting critical data and business information, as well as the interests of its customers.

The DSS Consulting Story: Intelligent Digital Solutions since 1998

We celebrate DSS Consulting’s 25th anniversary this year. Looking back over this quarter century, we've compiled the brief history of DSS.