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Microsoft Power Platform: Fast and Efficient Application Development

Microsoft Power Platform provides fast and efficient help in application development, even to users less familiar with coding. But how do we at DSS use it?

AI-enabled Data Transformation: Routine Tasks, Automated

A common feature of our many solutions based on AI-enabled data transformation is that AI is used to produce structured data from unstructured data that meets specific criteria.

Using AI in Industrial Digitalization

In an earlier blog post we discussed how we at DSS Consulting use ChatGPT in general, how it helps our development efforts. Let us now demonstrate the use of AI in industrial digitalization through a specific project.

AI Assisted Coding

Artificial intelligence is transforming our lives and the way we do business.
Since the launch of ChatGPT 3.0, we have seen the real “AI explosion”: language models, image and video generators, music… and also AI assisted coding.