Industry 4.0 Solutions

DSS Consulting has been working with the industrial sector since 2016, during which time we have completed several successful industrial digitalization projects in both Hungary and international markets.

Our industrial portfolio includes both custom industrial digitalization developments and customizable “off-the-shelf” solutions. These can typically be integrated with any ERP system, to which the generated data is returned in the usual format.

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DSS EffiSensy

A complex tool to support production efficiency


In today's increased competition, the efficiency of production comes to the fore; profitability often depends largely on production efficiency and the minimization of production losses.

Operating production lines is a complex process: several factors (number of products produced, quality of manufactured products, availability of machines, etc.) must work optimally at the same time in order for the production itself to be efficient both in terms of costs and time. These indicators are often still measured and recorded manually (on paper or in Excel) - this leads to inefficient use of resources, as well as errors and inaccuracies during data recording.


The solution: DSS EffiSensy

With the help of DSS EffiSensy, developed jointly by Bosch Rexroth and DSS Consulting, the quality of production becomes measurable: performance, quality and availability can be precisely observed and analyzed. Thanks to this

  • a fekete(after the analysis of the data and the implementation of the appropriate measures) the efficiency of production increases (higher number of manufactured pieces, less scrap, lower downtime), so production losses can be minimized;
  • a feketethanks to the automated solution, there is no need for manual data recording, so working time can be saved.


3 in 1 complex solution: hardware, software and consulting 

  • a feketeHardware: the sensors installed on the machine line measure and transmit production data (cycle time, number of pieces, operating status, scrap number, etc.) to a structured database
  • a feketeSoftware: the application analyzes real production data compared to the production plan and displays analytics on the Dashboard for performance, quality and availability
  • a feketeConsulting: based on the analyses, we provide Lean consulting in order to further optimize production


DSS StaffManager

Capacity planning and time tracking software


The most frequent challenges include:

a feketeWorking time is tracked using paper-based methods or Excel sheets
a feketeGathering information is cumbersome, complex, time-consuming and error-prone
a feketeThe staff would have unused capacity, but due to the complexity of the work or the lack of follow-up on their qualifications, it is difficult to redesign working schedules


Our solution:

a feketeEmployees can record their working time data using a common, user-friendly interface
a feketeManagers can easily plan the capacity of their employees

a feherThe competencies of the employees can also be recorded (e.g. are their qualifications and skills up-to-date for the given task)
a feherThey can even allocate resources in advance for projects that have not yet started

a feketeCan be integrated with existing ERP systems
a feketeThe entered data is automatically uploaded to the ERP system, there is no need for additional administration
a feketeThe detailed analysis of unused capacities is also easy

With the help of DSS StaffManager, you can record planned and actual working time that becomes measurable at both the employee and project level. In addition, the working time of the machines can be recorded automatically along system integrations.

Based on this data, resource allocation can be planned, so resources can be allocated for future projects as well.



Flexible production scheduling and optimization system


The most frequent challenges include:

a feketeManufacturing companies want to optimize unused capacities and production time better 
a feketeThey cannot react quickly enough to unexpected events and outages
a feketeProcesses are not transparent, bottlenecks are difficult to find
a feketeThe production plan serves as a good reference, but easily becomes outdated during the process
a feketeNon-optimal capacity utilization results in extra costs


Our solution:

a feketeCreates a production plan broken down to single machines, taking into account current orders and deadlines
a feketeIn the machine calendar we can see a real-time picture of currently running production activities
a feketeThe proposed plan can be flexibly modified (Drag & Drop) and re-scheduled
a feketeCan be integrated with existing ERP systems and sensors
a feketeAutomatic loading of orders from ERP and reloading the machine calendar are also possible


OptimAPS uses a unique linear programming algorithm to optimize the production schedule for the lowest possible cost and time. The calculations also take changeover times (e.g. down- and up-tooling, material heating) and cycle times into account.

The software is also capable of performing deviance analysis based on real-time data (e.g. incoming new, high-priority order) and proposing a modified production plan based on this. The production manager can modify the received proposals as desired, run a simulation, or start a redesign with the specified conditions.

DSS OptimAPS, integrated with the DSS Maintenance solution, can automatically calculate planned downtime, providing a complex solution for the availability of production machinery.

See the Optimaps website for more details and to sign up for a free demo.


 DSS Maintenance

Predictive and preventive maintenance support solution


The most frequent challenges include:

a feketeIn addition to digital processes, important data is also recorded on paper, which is often lost
a feketeThere is no established knowledge base or easy-to-trace maintenance history for each machine
a feketeDue to unplanned downtime, some machines are out of production for several days, resulting in additional cost


Our solution:

a feketeEnsures pre-planning the maintenance of machinery, making better use of operating time (less downtime, more operating time)
a feketeManuals and repair reports can be recorded in a single system

a feherA common knowledge base can be created on failures and machines
a feherIn the event of a failure, it is easier to find out and analyze the cause of the failure based on historical data

a feketeCan be integrated with existing ERP systems


DSS Maintenance is able to provide full support for monitoring maintenance processes. It is suitable for all machines to be recorded at the component level, so you can see the history of component replacement based on its own ID. Any event related to the machines and parts can be recorded, and their history can be traced throughout their entire life cycle, making it easy to create visually well-represented, specific reports.

Based on the runtime or operating time and the manufacturer's recommendation (in a preventive way) or even on the basis of sensor data (in a predictive way), the service requirements of the given machine can be predicted and thus mandatory and ad-hoc maintenance dates can be monitored.


Advantages of the optional predictive module include:

a feketeSends preventive alerts about possible failures and component wear based on data sent by sensors
a feketeThis ensures a quick response and proper availability of the equipment
a feketeHelps minimize service costs and maximize service life
a feketeHelps prevent machines from falling out of production, saving your company time and money



 DSS WorkflowHero

Workflow solution for industrial companies


Many companies still manage tasks, assignments and work processes on an Excel basis — this way, these can easily become untraceable, require a lot of energy from managers, and only simple reports can be generated from such systems. Also, while existing ERP systems may have a workflow module, these are often complicated with many unnecessary functions, so they are not used in practice.


The solution: DSS WorkflowHero

DSS WorkflowHero, the solution developed jointly by Bosch Rexroth and DSS Consulting makes it easy to organize business processes. As a result,

a feketeExperts can easily create and modify processes on a graphical interface, with minimal manual work
a feketeTask allocation, information flow and the preparation of reports become smoother for middle managers
a feketeThanks to the reports, senior managers are easily informed of the status of tasks and any serious delays or issues

DSS WorkflowHero, integrated with DSS StaffManager, offers a complex solution for managing and monitoring tasks and the resources allocated to them.



DSS SalesTarget

Sales and business planning solution


 The most frequent challenges include: 

a feketeBusiness planning takes place in Excel sheets, which are time-consuming and labor-intensive to update
a feketeThere is no unified system for managing customer data, everyone records them in their own way
a feketeSalespeople spend too much time on administration
a feketeMeetings are too long: Managers are informed of the status of each case only here 


Our solution:

a feketeA ready-to-use but still customizable solution
a feketeManagers can keep track of the development of plan numbers and the status of cases
a feketeIt standardizes administration management, saving time for sales staff
a feketeThe information gathered will help you plan and modify your strategy


DSS SalesTarget enables business planning on a customer-by-customer basis, making it possible to track bidding processes and sales information as well. The software enables a quarterly forecast of year-end results, making it possible to continuously refine the extent of deviations from plan at both the customer and business line level.

DSS SalesTarget is platform-independent -  in addition to manual data recording, it can import data from any ERP and CRM system, so it displays all the necessary information in one place, in a structured way.

With the dashboard display, any statement is easy to create, and changes are visible instantly and dynamically as the salesperson uploads the information.