Data Anonym - Data Anonymization Solution

Why is data anonymization important? 

According to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, anonymisation of data is very important in some cases, as in this case the data processing is not covered by the GDPR. Therefore, the use of properly anonymized data in testing, analysis, and development environments is recommended.

We have developed our data anonymization solution for the efficient creation of test and development databases that can recognize and anonymize personal data.


DSS Data Anonym

The Data Anonym solution by DSS Consulting supports organizations in achieving legal compliance, so that business-critical data cannot fall into the hands of third parties without depersonalization. Our solution is capable of automatically discovering, identifying, and consistently anonymizing personal and other data in structured databases and across databases. The levels of anonymization can be adjusted on different levels, making it possible for the databases modified by anonymisation in each integrated environment to maintain their data consistency and business relationships between the data. The Oracle and Java-based Data Anonym application can work with common database managers used in enterprise environments such as Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL.

Key features:

a feketeConsistent anonymization across multiple systems, even without a common unique identifier based on personal data, despite inconsistencies and typical data errors
a feketeAnonymized data retains its structure and format
a feketeThe readability of the modified data is not impaired
a feketeConsistency between data sets and data fields will be maintained (e.g. an anonymized female birth name will be added to an anonymized female client's name)
a feketeIt does not require the prior existence / assessment of data table specifications
a feketeFurther business use of anonymized databases is also possible (e.g. mandatory data retention due to statistical functions)
a feketeDictionary-based data content management optimized for the Hungarian language environment