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Flexible production optimization system


production optimization

1. The challenge

Manual production planning and scheduling is an extremely time-consuming process, and its complexity has a lot of room for error. In an industrial environment, a large volume of orders must be fulfilled in a way to ensure the best possible use of time and cost for the company – taking into account the stock of raw materials, the number of specialists and the availability of machinery.

Also, production planners are often required to handle unexpected events and to schedule urgent orders in the production plan.

2.  The solution

Developed by DSS Consulting and its international partners, DSS OptimAPS uses a unique linear programming algorithm to schedule and optimize production for the lowest possible cost and time, taking into account changeover times and cycle times.

3. The results

  • Time and cost savings: Based on company priorities and goals, production is optimized at the lowest possible cost and time
  • Efficient production planning: Reduced planning time by running multiple scenarios in parallel