Our Solutions – Industry 4.0

A complex tool to support production efficiency

DSS EffiSensy

production efficiency

1. The challenge

In today’s increased competition, the efficiency of production is key; Profitability often largely depends on production efficiency and the minimization of production losses.

Several factors must be optimal at the same time for the production to be efficient both in terms of costs and time. Production data is often measured and recorded manually — errors and inaccuracies during data recording can distort the results, leading to wrong conclusions and the inefficient use of resources.

2.  The solution

With DSS EffiSensy, the complex solution developed jointly by Bosch Rexroth and DSS Consulting, production quality becomes measurable: The three components of OEE (availability, performance and quality) can be precisely observed and analyzed.

3. The results

  • Increased production efficiency: higher number of units manufactured, less scrap, lower downtime
  • Working time savings: No need for manual data recording
  • Simple detection of issues – solutions can be found quickly and easily