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A solution to support predictive and preventive maintenance

DSS Maintenance

maintenance support system

1. The challenge

Many manufacturing companies do not have an integrated maintenance support system—neither a knowledge base nor easy-to-trace maintenance history for each machine. Important data is often recorded on paper, which can be lost.
In addition, due to unplanned downtimes, some machines fall out of production for several days, which can have a serious cost impact.

2.  The solution

A maintenance support system developed jointly by DSS Consulting and Bosch Rexroth, DSS Maintenance provides comprehensive support for tracking maintenance processes.

3. The results

  • Time and cost savings: Better utilization of operating time, reduced downtime and optimized use of capital through efficient maintenance planning
  • Maintenance Knowledge Base: Manuals, breakdowns and repair records in a single system, allowing the causes of faults to be analyzed