Industrial Workflow Management Made Simple

Industrial workflow management is a prerequisite for efficient and economical production.

In a small plant, everyone usually knows what to do and when to do it. Over the years, working arrangements have been established, habits are ingrained, and the machinery generally runs smoothly. But as the organization grows, new workers need to be trained in the processes, or an unexpected event occurs, the shortcomings of this method become apparent. Tasks are skipped, processes grind to a halt, staff wait for each other – and the manager in charge tears his hair in anger because he can’t keep track of who should be doing what.

ipari folyamatszervezés industrial workflow management

Excel, often used as a stop-gap solution, helps you keep track of tasks, schedules and processes, but it requires too much effort and does not produce adequate reports. And even if there is a workflow module in the existing ERP system, it is usually overcomplicated, has a lot of redundant functionality for the needs of the average business and therefore it is usually not used in practice.

What is needed is a system that is simple to use, but at the same time has the necessary features and flexibility to allow business processes to be properly planned, monitored and, if necessary, modified.

DSS WorkflowHero: industrial workflow management made simple

That’s where DSS WorkflowHero, a process management solution developed jointly by Bosch Rexroth and DSS Consulting, comes in, making it easy to plan and manage business processes, even in an industrial environment.

Using WorkflowHero,

  • Process experts can easily create and modify workflows in a user-friendly graphical interface with minimal manual work
  • Middle managers will have a smoother way to assign tasks, ensure the flow of information and create reports
  • Last but not least, senior managers can easily monitor the status of tasks and any major delays or issues thanks to the reports

Perhaps the biggest advantage of WorkflowHero is its ease of use:

  • It is built on a “low-code” platform, so its installation and usage does not require in-depth IT knowledge: it is easy to configure, and some elements of the workflows can be managed using drag & drop
  • It can manage several processes (and their sub-processes) in parallel
  • Tasks that are part of a workflow can be easily assigned responsibilities, deadlines, reminders and comments – these tasks are automatically assigned to the responsible persons (groups or individual users)
  • Automated decisions can also be built into the workflow: when a point is reached, the process triggers another process (or several processes)

For managers, it is also very useful to be able to trace the full history of tasks, making it easy to analyze when and how projects evolved as a result of decisions.

Finally, clear processes also make it easier for new staff to settle in and for supervisors to manage staff substitutions.

Of course, DSS WorkflowHero can be integrated with the company’s ERP system: it can automatically receive tasks from it and then reload the necessary information.

Another advantage is the integration of the workflow management system with DSS StaffManager: this allows the easy management and monitoring of not only the tasks, but also the resources allocated to them.

Click here to read a brief description of DSS WorkflowHero here.

Does your company have a reliable solution to manage your processes? If not – why not discuss this over a good cup of coffee?