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4 Challenges, 4 Solutions in Modern Workforce Management

In our latest blog post on industrial digitalization, we outline the four main challenges of modern workforce management – and four potential solutions.

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The Top 5 IT Challenges Facing Insurance Companies Today

Technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and the insurance sector is no exception: In many ways, insurers have pioneered the introduction and use of digital tools. At the same time, precisely because of the rapid development of technology, they still face many IT challenges – among which we have highlighted the Top 5.
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The DSS Consulting Story: Intelligent Digital Solutions since 1998

We celebrate DSS Consulting’s 25th anniversary this year. Looking back over this quarter century, we've compiled the brief history of DSS.

Keycloak: One Password Above All

Anyone who has had any involvement in IT security knows that users are probably the biggest risk factors. Irresponsible, not sufficiently security-conscious behavior can cause enormous damage to any organization.
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Data Privacy Management: Personal Data Under Lock and Key

We celebrated International Data Privacy Day not too long ago, on January 28. In our previous blog post we discussed data anonymization – now it’s time to talk about data privacy management.

Data Anonymization: Personal Data in Disguise

We celebrated International Data Privacy Day not too long ago, on January 28. International Data Privacy Day aims to inform people about various data protection rules and regulations, their related rights, and not to tolerate activities that abuse or misuse their personal data. We'll be covering related topics in our next few blog posts – first, we'll discuss data anonymization.