előre tervezhető karbantartás, maintenance in a predictable way

Maintenance in a Predictable Way

The risks of not carrying out maintenance include machinery running slow, increased production costs, unplanned downtime, it can even result in damage to the machinery or even serious personal injury. This is where software can help manufacturers perform maintenance in a predictable way.

microsoft power platform

Microsoft Power Platform: Fast and Efficient Application Development

Microsoft Power Platform provides fast and efficient help in application development, even to users less familiar with coding. But how do we at DSS use it?
AI-támogatott adattranszformáció

AI-enabled Data Transformation: Routine Tasks, Automated

A common feature of our many solutions based on AI-enabled data transformation is that AI is used to produce structured data from unstructured data that meets specific criteria.
ipari folyamatszervezés, industrial workflow management

Industrial Workflow Management Made Simple

Industrial workflow management is a prerequisite for efficient and economical production. Neither Excel, nor a paper-based solution will do the job - an easy-to-use, versatile industrial workflow management solution will be necessary.
blog,industry 4.0,data quality assurance,data privacy management

Using AI in Industrial Digitalization

In an earlier blog post we discussed how we at DSS Consulting use ChatGPT in general, how it helps our development efforts. Let us now demonstrate the use of AI in industrial digitalization through a specific project.
Az 5 legfontosabb informatikai kihívás a telekommunikációs szektorban, The Top 5 IT Challenges For The Telecoms Industry

The Top 5 IT Challenges For The Telecoms Industry

The explosion of information technology over the last two decades has radically transformed the telecoms industry: Telecoms is no longer about (just) making phone calls. Let's take a look at the top five IT challenges the sector is facing.
AI-támogatott programozás, AI assisted coding

AI Assisted Coding

Artificial intelligence is transforming our lives and the way we do business. Since the launch of ChatGPT 3.0, we have seen the real "AI explosion": language models, image and video generators, music... and also AI assisted coding.
DSS Consulting's 25th anniversary party

DSS Consulting’s 25th Anniversary Party

Instead of heat and rain, we were greeted by pleasant sunshine at DSS Consulting's 25th anniversary party, held on September 15 at the Kolonics György Leisure Center in Csepel, Budapest.
gyártási hatékonyság, efficient production

Efficient Production: The Key to Profitability

Gone are the days when, on a supply-led market, the profits of industrial companies were determined by a (sometimes arbitrary) profit margin added to the cost of production.
Kapacitástervezés, munkaidő-nyilvántartás

Capacity Planning and Time Tracking (and Competency Management) for Manufacturing

At a large manufacturing plant, capacity planning and tracking working time using the traditional Excel- or paper-based way can be a major challenge. Managing changes or keeping records of competencies required for work is almost impossible.