DSS Consulting

about DSS Consulting

Ever since its foundation, DSS Consulting has specialized in custom developments, business intelligence systems and analytical solutions. We are proud that our company has pioneered business analytics solutions, data quality assurance and data mining in Hungary. Based on this knowledge and experience, we have expanded our portfolio with industrial digitalization solutions, thanks to which we have been able to effectively support the digitalization efforts of our customers in the industrial sector for several years. Thanks to our experience of more than 20 years, as independent consultants, we have been focusing on choosing the best solution to each challenge that our customers deal with.

Our Values

What we are proud of


We know what we're doing and we're constantly learning.


We believe that as a team, we are capable of much more than as individuals.

Platform Independence

We don’t insist on platforms – we insist on delivering the best possible solution to our customers.

Effective Communication

We communicate clearly so that we understand each other well.

Reliability and Precision

You can always count on us – and also on what we deliver.

Innovation Skills and Abilities

In addition to proven methods, we always strive to find a new, even better solution.